Different Uses of Conveyor Belts

There are many different uses of these industrial Conveyor belt and some of the most important uses include the following.

Manufacturing industry: It is widely used in various manufacturing industries to transport materials into various processing units. It takes the manufactured products out of the processing units too. It is used in food processing plants to transport cooking products, seal the food products and finally pack the products. As these belts are used for all transportation purposes, it helps to save ample amount of time and effort. Workers can channelize their time and energy for other higher responsibilities.
  Heavy industries:
These rubber belts are also used in various heavy industries to move raw materials from one place to another. This helps to reduce worker injuries to a large extent. It can transport materials either in a straight line or through elevation and directional changes.
  Ware houses:
  Conveyor belts are also used in ware houses to load outgoing trucks or to offload various heavy materials from the trucks.
Today most of the airports also use these rubber conveyor belt to deliver baggage to the customers.
  Shopping malls:
It also finds wide application in shopping malls as it is used in walkalator or moving walkways. Walkalator is also found in most of the airports to transport people from one place to another.
  Bakeries and grocery shops:
Slow moving conveyor belts are used in bakeries so as to move the food through an oven for cooking purposes. It is even used in grocery shops to move items to the counter.
One of the most widely used forms of this rubber belt is the escalators. It is used in most of the departmental stores to move people from one floor to another.
  There are various types of conveyor belts. Heavy duty belts are used to transport materials in a coal mine and light duty belts are used in food processing units and so forth. The rubber belts are designed in specific sizes for different uses. It is operated in various speed rates according to the specific uses.