Rubber Conveyor Belt Testing Method

1, Reprinted point blanking malposition resulting in Figure 5 pairs of belt misalignment, the material is reproduced blanking point position on the conveyor belt deviation has a very big impact, especially in the Rubber Conveyor Belt section and the section conveyor projection into the vertical plane when the greater impact. Usually reserved points should be considered the upper and lower relative height of the two conveyor. Relative height was lower, the greater the material’s horizontal velocity component of the lower belt of the greater lateral impact Fc, while intermediate materials is difficult. So that the material cross section in the conveyor belting deflection, the horizontal component of impact force Fc Fy eventually belt deviation. If the material to the right side, then the belt deviation to the left and vice versa.

2, The head or tail bend conveyor drive roller axis is not perpendicular with the conveyor centerline, causing the head drum or belt in the rear deflector drum Department deviation. The roller deflection, the belt tightness on both sides of the drum is inconsistent, suffered along the width direction traction Fq also inconsistent, as increasing or decreasing trend, it will make a belt attached to the decreasing direction of the mobile force Fy, leading rubber conveyor belts to the loose side of the deviation, the so-called “running loose does not run tight.” The adjustment methods are: drum, such as conveyor belt for the drum head to the right of deviation, then the right side of the bearing seat should be moved forward, the left side of roller conveyor to the deviation, then the left side of the bearing should be forward move, the corresponding can also be moved left or right after bearing bearing backward. Rear roller adjustment method and the head drum the opposite. After repeated until the conveyor belt transferred to better adjust the position. Adjusting the best pre-bend pulley drive or install its position accurately.

3,  The outer surface of roller processing error, causing uneven wear sticky material or diameter sizes, the Conveyor Belts to the large diameter side of the deviation. So-called “run of Great run small.” The loading situation shown in Figure 4: conveyor belt traction Fq produce a large diameter side of the movement to contribute to Fy, Fy role in the pitch, the conveyor belt production shift. In this case, the solution is to clean up the sticky surface of the roller material, processing error and must be replaced uneven wear down the plastic re-processing package deal.

4, Carrying idlers and conveyor mounting position error greater the vertical center line, resulting in the bearing section of patterned conveyor belt to a deviation. Conveyor belt running forward to a forward roller traction Fq, the traction rollers turn broken down into the pitch to Fz, and a horizontal pitch Fc, the horizontal rollers contribute to the axial movement, due to roller stent can not be fixed roller axial movement, and it certainly will produce a reaction force on the conveyor belt Fy, it makes the other side of the conveyor belt to move, resulting in the deviation.