The 5th China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition,2009

Time : June 3rd -5th, 2010               

Venue: China International Exhibition Center(Beijing)

Approved by: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China 


  Chinese Society for Science & Technology of Labour Protection in Coal Industry,

  China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association,

  China's Coal Industry and Machinery Management Association.

  Overseas Supporter:

  Contractor:  Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd. 

Successful experience and gorgeous achievement--Review:

The 5th China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition,2009

In June 28th to 30th 2009,the 5th China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition, which was held in China International Exhibition Center (Beijing),attracted more than 1000 visitors coming from America, Sweden, Britain, Germany, Austria and the Czech republic, Canada, Australia, Poland, Spain, China and Hong Kong.  Besides worldwide enterprises’ joint appearance and competition, there will be coal mining associations or mining associations from the United States, Britain, Germany and Australia. China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition has been successfully held for five times, and its scale has been enlarged from the initial area with 4,725 square meters and 166 exhibitors to an area with 43,000 square meters and 1018 exhibitors this year, becoming the largest exhibition of this field in China. At the beginning, CICEME choose the way of internationalization. Although the beginning was not easy, but as the continuous concern coming from more and more enterprises, the scale was gradually expanded. The area of CICEME increased at a percent of 30%, becoming one of the world's top 5 coal exhibitions. It is expected that it will reach to 50,000 square meters.

This exhibition is a grand event for China’s coal mining industry, equipment procurement and technical exchanges of safe production.


A. The corporation image exhibition area of coal mine, coal corporation, mine ; the exhibition area of mining scientific researching institutes, high technologies and patents; and the exhibition area of resource-type cities and local business promoting project in coal industry.

B. Mining apparatus and coal mine machines: slicer, mining machine, heading machine, excavator, coal mine excavating facilities, craning machine, hydraulic pressure support, support, anchor bolt, emulsified liquid pumping plant and rubber hose, mining mechanical fittings, percussive drilling apparatus, loading and shoveling and transporting apparatus, mining automatic apparatus, gold and rock processing apparatus, mining metallurgy and storing and transporting apparatus, detonator filling machine and so on.

C. Concentrating and power processing apparatus: crusher, sieving machine, separator, crushing and sieving combined apparatus, sand cleaning machine, slurry blender, high efficiency thickener, breaking machine, miller, milling and peeling machine, drier, mixer, grinder, pillar milling machine, muller, pressure filter, flotation machines, centrifuge, calcining apparatus, granulating apparatus, weighting equipment, testing apparatus and coal chemical processing apparatus and so on.

D. Coal processing technology and equipment; mining energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection equipment.: coal washing and selecting, cleaning, storing ,processing and transforming technology and apparatus; coal waste rock , coal mud processing and utilizing technology and apparatus; coal testing technology and apparatus; mine environment protection ,mine resource integrated utilization technology and apparatus and so on.

E. Infrastructure technology and equipment; elevation and transportation equipment.: well digging equipments, rock digging equipments, mining type pump ,wire rope , compressor, automobile drilling machine, anchor bolt trolley, concrete spurting machine; mining type elevating apparatus and integrated protection apparatus, elevating container, linking setting ,falling-proof setting, racing car protection setting, chain, supporting roller, belt conveyer, conveyer belt ,chain and flight machine, transshipping machine carry-scraper, excavator, automatic unloading machine and other non-track apparatus and track transporting apparatus; mining type winch, tramcar, heavy mining type transporting vehicle and various electronic weighting apparatus.

F. Technologies and equipments of mining safety, video supervision, labor protection, mining rescue and disaster prevention.: various mining type explosion-proof equipments and apparatus, gas alarming apparatus , ventilator and ventilation testing apparatus , mining type wire rope and its flaw detector, mine engine transportation surveillance controlling system, hydraulic pressure supporter, mining type sensor ,breathing protection apparatus, mine escaping/self-saving apparatus, rescuing apparatus, communication apparatus, TV surveillance controlling apparatus, mine safety surveillance controlling system, mine information management system ,dust removing (reducing) apparatus, mine temperature lowering apparatus, noise-proof apparatus, under-well lighting apparatus, safety sign, exposure suit, safety detecting ,supervising, surveillance controlling technology and apparatus, fire forecasting system, fire fighting apparatus ,tool ,fire engine ,fire extinguisher and so on.

G. Mechanical and electronic apparatus and mining surveying equipments: various driving apparatus (diesel engine ,petrol engine ), generating set ,motor, retarder ,air compressor, nitrogen producing machine, oxygen producing machine and other compressing and separating equipments, movable power plant, coal mine electric power facilities, mining type cable, explosion-proof engine, mining type pump ,theodolite, water level, range finder, prospector, drilling machine, GPS and so on.

H. Mining electricity and gas, electricity supply, power line, power cable and other equipments.Others: general machinery (gearing, air compressor, retarder ,bearing and so on),coal mine combustible, poisonous, and deleterious detecting apparatus; environment protection apparatus, mine rigging ,mine automatic management, mining type explosion-proof and combustion-resisting cable and wire, storage battery, trolley mine electric engine and accessory, mining type vehicle, engineering machinery, mine industry counseling and so on.

I. Coal coking, gasification and liquidation; coal bed gas, gas exploration and utilization as well as multi-treatment and utilization technologies and equipments of waste gas, waste water and solid waste.

J. Mine information automatic equipment:capital settlement system,fixed assets management system,medical insurance management system,residence management system,production safety supervision and control,enterprise MIS integration,etc;various mining Roberts.

K. Mine emergency assistance equipment:supervision and pre-alarming,alarming,emergency equipments;assistance tools and machinery;assistance supplementary tools and equipments;personal assistance equipment;assistance medical machinery and medicine;assistance tele-communication equipment;assistance transportation equipment;assistance training materials,etc.

Technology Exchange

During the exhibition the Organizing Committee will arrange a series of symposiums for technical and commercial presentation and discussion. Enterprises and institutions may apply to host such symposiums with the theme decided by themselves. Applicant shall notify the Organizing Committee when they apply to join in the exhibition so that the Organizing Committee can arrange the site, publicize and invite professional audience to join in. The fee for each symposium of 60 minutes is 8,800 Yuan for domestic enterprises and 2500 USD for foreign ones.

Fee Rate

1.  Standard Stand (9㎡ 3m×3 m) : Provided with three exhibition boards of 2.5m high and the lintel produced according to the requirement of the exhibitor, one desk and two chairs for meeting and discussion, one 220v AC socket and two spotlights.

2.  Ground Area (Minimum order 36㎡) : Provided with security service and public responsible insurance.

  Fees for the whole period of the exhibition are listed below:


Note :  

1) 20% shall be added for stand with two openings. Specially decorated stands are for international exhibitors.

2) This exhibition provides suppliers and exhibitors with diversified business plans to achieve best promotion effect. Enterprises can ask for the participation guidelines at the organization committee.

3) Miscellaneous fee (for information, lunch, souvenir etc) for each representative is800 Yuan.


1.   In order to help the exhibitors to make publicity and to help the customers to communicate with the exhibitors after the exhibition the Organization Committee is going to make a publication with a size of 210 mm x 285 mm.

2.   The fees for the advertisement on the publication are as following: (The values are in Yuan RMB)



1)The fee rate for other forms of advertisement will be provided upon request.

2)The places for advertisement is limited. Those who pay first will be arranged first.

Expo Procedures

1. To fill up the form of Application and Contract and put on the company seal and fax or mail to the Organizing Committee.

2.  After the application has been confirmed by the Organizing Committee send 50% or all of the exhibition fee to the Organizing Committee by T/T within 10 days and fax the receipt to the Organizing Committee for check. Before the March 28, 2010, we will put the introduction of the companies which are sure to participate in the expo.

3.  After receiving the exhibition fee the Organizing Committee will send the invoice and the Visiting Guide to the exhibitor.

4.  The distribution of the stands shall follow the principle of “First applied and paid first arranged”. In order to keep the general profile of the exhibition the Organizing Committee has the right to change the stand of the exhibitors..