Conveyor belt maintenance and instructions

Conveyor belt maintenance and instructions

1, conveying tape in transportation and storage, should maintain clean avoid direct sunlight or sleeting leaching, prevent Lin with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent such material contacts, and distance fever device outside a meter.

2, when storing warehouse in temperature appropriate maintains - 18-40 serbain type degrees between, relative humidity appropriate keeps in 50-80 percent between.

Three, storage period, the product must be placed in rolls, and shall not folded in half, placed the period shall be quarterly flipping once.

4, different types, specifications layer of belt shoulds not be connected together with use, the joint best pick method with glue.

5, conveying adhesive types, structures and specifications, layer should be based on the conditions of use a reasonable choice.

6, conveying tape speed should not be commonly more than 2.5 meters per second and fragmentation of, wear the material and using fixed pear unloader device with a low should as far as possible.

7, conveyors transmission roller diameter and conveyer belt layers relations, transmission roller, supporting and drum redirection dragged roller slot Angle of requirements shall be according to the design rules, transport rational selection.

8, feeding direction should the movement direction along the tape, to reduce the material of the impact of the whereabouts of adhesive tape, reduce material should be adopted chute distance whereabouts; Tape is expected paragraph should shorten the spacing and adopt buffer dragged roller, to prevent leakage dragged roller with lateral should use material, soft modest block stripper plate, lest block stripper plate is excellent, scraping the conveyor belt with surface break.

9, conveyer belt in use should notice the following matters;

(1) avoid covered by dragging roller materials is ineffective, prevent leakage caused rotation feeding card with tape in roller, notice activity part between the lubrication, but not oil conveying tape;

(2) avoid carrying load launched;

(3) tape happen immediately running deviation to take steps to correct;

(4) found that tape partial damage shall timely repair, lest expand;

(5) avoid tape suffer frame, support or block strong material block, prevent touch broken rip.