Conveyor belt transportation and storage

1  transportation and storage, transport, we should keep clean, avoid direct sunshine, rain shower, prevent baptized with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent such impact the quality of rubber material contact, and distance fever device 1 metres.

2, when the temperature inside storeroom stored in appropriate maintains 15 - + 40 between, relative humidity appropriate keeps in 50-80 percent between.

Three, storage, conveyer belt must be placed in rolls, and shall not folded in half, placed the period shall be quarterly flipping once.

4, conveyer belt speed should not be commonly more than 20.5 U.S. m/s, transportation, fragmental materials and wear of using fixed when plough type unloader device with a low should as far as possible. Beyond the specified speed, can affect tape service life.

5, conveyors transmission roller diameter and conveying layers relations, transmission roll micro redirection of roller of supporting roller slot and the requirements, should be based on the Angle of the design rules, transport rational selection.

Six, in order to alleviate the impact of the material impact on tape, feeding direction should wear the movement direction along the tape; Material drops to the tapes to reduce the gap should as far as possible; Feeding mouth should avoid rolling micro or roller spacing and take buffer measures. To prevent blow broken tape, blocking feeder, scraper cleaning device and unloader device and tape contact should be adopted for part of the rubber sheet, don't stiffness using clip has layers glue to take the lead.

7, conveying things in use should notice the following matters.

A, avoid covered roller is material is ineffective, prevent leakage caused rotation feeding card with tape in roller, notice activity part between the lubrication, but not greasy conveyor belt.

And to avoid carrying load startup.

Running deviation in, tape happen immediately take measures to correct.